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Berlin: Germany’s culinary capital

Berlin is not only the political capital of Germany, it’s the cultural and culinary capital too! Berlin is international and diverse, so you can immerse yourself in the rich flavors and aromatic treats from all over the word. When in Berlin, indulge in some world class sushi from Charlottenburg or feast on top quality burgers in trendy Kreuzberg.

The city is bursting with award winning delivery services and takeaway restaurants, all ready and waiting to deliver to your doorstep. We at Lieferheld.de want you to always enjoy the best takeaway in Berlin, even if your German skills aren’t quite there yet.

“The Berliners are unfriendly and inconsiderate, gruff and self-opinionated, Berlin is repulsive, loud, dirty and grey, construction works and blocked streets where you stop and go. But I feel sorry for those people who can not live here!”  – Anneliese Bödecker

How to: order at Lieferheld without speaking German

If you don’t speak German then you can still easily order from Lieferheld because you can also order in English instead. Here are two ways that you can do so:

1- Get the English Lieferheld app for Android and iPhone

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, get the Lieferheld app in English, because it will make the ordering process and navigation through the menus of the takeaways on Lieferheld so much easier as this will be displayed in English.

2- Translate the page with Chrome

Use the internet browser Google Chrome when ordering online, because it lets you translate a lot of the Lieferheld website from German into English. Even though the menu pages of the takeaways are not in English, the whole ordering process is translated for you. And, to be honest: many words in the world of takeaway are the same in every language. As long as you understand pizza, pasta, burger and sushi, you will always be able to have delicious food delivered to you!

Find the best takeaway delivery services in Berlin

Go on a culinary mission to find the best delivery service in Berlin and make friends all over the city to take advantage of the wide range of different takeaway restaurants.

Order fresh, hand-cut maki, nigiri and sashimi straight from the best sushi restaurants in Charlottenburg, or get your pizza fix from an authentic pizzeria in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

Check out more takeaway delivery services in Germany: Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart,Düsseldorf, Bremen, EssenCologne, Frankfurt, or Dresden.

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Schlemm’ dich um die Welt mit Lieferheld und mache Schluss mit unübersichtlichen Flyern vom Asia-Lieferdienst oder Pizzaservice. Dein Essen kannst du viel bequemer und einfacher online bestellen. Egal, ob Pizza, Burger, Sushi oder Indisch, bei Lieferheld kannst du jedes Gericht per Lieferservice schnell und entspannt zu dir liefern lassen. Einfach Postleitzahl eingeben, Bestellservice aussuchen und online mit VISA, PayPal oder Sofortüberweisung sowie bar an der Haustür bezahlen.

Und auch unterwegs lässt dich der Lieferheld nicht im Stich. Mit der praktischen Lieferheld App für dein iPhone oder Android-Smartphone kannst du von überall problemlos Essen online bestellen. In der Lieferheld-App kannst du deinen Lieblings-Heimservice als Favoriten speichern oder die letzten Bestellungen mit einem Klick erneut ordern. Tausende Restaurant-Bewertungen und Filter erleichtern dir die Auswahl.