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Food Delivery

There’s no shortage of good food in Germany, but sometimes it’s an added hassle to rush around picking up your evening meal. Lieferheld is here to save the day with food delivery for any type of occasion in 2014. Whether ordering delivery Chinese food when you just want to relax at home after a hard day or an extra large order of gourmet pizzas for your rowdy flatmates at home, the solution is easy. Simply go online, pick your favorite takeaway joint, browse the menu from the comfort of your own couch, order and wait for your food delivery to speedily arrive at your doorstep.

Restaurants Love Food Delivery Options

Sometimes the biggest problem with ordering food online is picking just one local restaurant to get delivery from. Lieferheld makes delivery easy so if you’re looking for great pizza delivery in Berlin, compare local pizzerias for the best toppings and go with something worthy like bbq chicken or Mexican pizza. Ordering with Lieferheld makes sure you’re getting exactly what your tastebuds are calling out for, whether it be a gourmet pizza or a Mediterranean platter with the works. Maby that´s no news for you but no matter what food you decide to order, Lieferheld will deliver your food in a flash.

Food Delivery for any Occasion

Ordering food for delivery is a winning combination. It gives you more time to spend relaxing and catching up with friends, or concentrating on the football game while Lieferheld is busy looking after you. No matter your needs or desires, Lieferheld always takes good care of rumbling bellies. By ordering a Thai feast with all the hot noodle dishes and wonton soups, your family will be impressed by the effortless steaming dishes of chicken and duck curry. Or if you’re having a quiet night in with a few good friends, splurge on a sushi platter from your local Japanese Delivery for a memorable evening.

Heroic Lieferheld Saves the Day

Lieferheld has started compiling the best eateries and food delivery restaurants, making it easy for you to fill your belly with sweet and savory flavors. Our hero is always running around the city, bringing you some of the best takeaway in Munich and most delicious food delivery in Cologne. Flying through the streets of the city, speeding past the U-Bahn to delivery fresh Thai tofu noodles, Lieferheld never stops. With more restaurants being added everyday the best local food delivery is just a couple of clicks away. Check out Lieferheld in your city and experience the enjoyment of great food delivery.